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What is a 601 waiver?

When you live in Arizona but are not a U.S. citizen, you may be worried about what will happen to your family if for some reason you are deported. Depending on the facts of your case, you may be able to file a 601 waiver to stay in the country.

Deportation and current u.s. policies

Today's political climate reflects a tense attitude toward immigration and deportation as a whole. While this topic can set the stage for a profound debate, many Americans forget that there are human lives severely affected by strict U.S. policies. For Arizona families who have experienced such scares of deportation, there can seem few places to turn in times of need. Recent changes in regulations have caused countless families to fear that their overall quality of life may soon change for the worse.

Supreme Court saves DACA, at least for a while

At the Sanchez Law Group in Arizona, we sympathize and empathize with our undocumented immigrant friends such as you who face uncertain times. We understand that our government has placed you in a position of constant worry that ICE officials could arrest you anytime and anywhere, leaving you vulnerable to deportation. 

America's ongoing immigration battle

Immigration remains one of the most highly debated topics in the nation today. Countless families have uprooted their lives to seek better ones in America, yet some have continued to face problems in a country that promises freedom. As the latest presidency has led to changes to immigration policies, many Arizona residents have waited anxiously for new policies to take effect. While the controversy continues, the message is clear: there may be inevitable obstacles within today's immigration system. 

America's immigrants and the threats they face

Today's current political climate certainly reflects a growing concern over the nation's immigrants and their futures. Contrary to what many might assume, deportation can occur even in the mildest cases, such as a traffic violation or unpaid ticket. While many Arizona residents carry out their normal, everyday lives, countless immigrants in the state face threats of deportation, separation from families and a reduced quality of life. 

ICE arresting more people with prior criminal convictions

An ICE arrest can happen a variety of ways, resulting from a tip or a workplace raid. However, in most cases ICE takes a person into custody after local law enforcement has arrested them. A criminal conviction is always serious, but for non-citizens the consequence could be deportation.

America's complex immigration policies

Immigration is a term most Americans are familiar with. With the heated debate on the country's current policies, the topic is a crucial one for countless families. Many may wonder what charges, exactly, might call for deportation under federal law, while others already face threatening measures all because of one minor offense. It is important for immigrants in Arizona to be aware of current policies, as well as possible changes to the future of the country's immigration laws, to best preserve wellbeing and protection. 

Trump Administration Being Asked to Decide on DACA in September

Uncertainty continues for immigrants of all ages in Arizona and across the United States. In September, President Donald Trump could make a decision on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA).

Green Card Holders Need Strong Criminal Defense and Deportation Defense - Even for a Minor Violation in Arizona

No matter who you are, being accused of a crime in the U.S. is a very serious matter. But the consequences of a criminal charge may be even more serious for a non-U.S. citizen.

Even A Minor Violation Can Threaten Your Immigration Status. We Can Help Protect Your Future.

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