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Arizona YouTuber’s experience shows how swatting is illegal

It is easy to forget that real people are involved in online arguments, especially when emotions run high. Some people prefer to handle an online disagreement by debating in the comment section, while others may take the conflict up a notch. It is important for Arizona residents to understand that some online conflicts can result in criminal charges.

New CA law helps pardon criminals facing deportation threats

California government is pushing a new state law that will offer an express review for criminals facing deportation. The state court system is continually backed up with cases requiring review. However, the purpose of this law is to grant higher priority reviews for criminals who are in jeopardy of losing their ability to stay in the United States.

Field sobriety tests not 100 percent accurate

If you are like a lot of people in Arizona, you are no doubt aware of the stereotype surrounding alleged drunk drivers. Even the term alone is likely to conjure up a certain image in your mind of a person who is not very responsible and who is so intoxicated that they can barely speak or stand properly. However, the truth of the matter is that many very responsible people who do not readily appear to be intoxicated can and do find themselves charged with driving under the influence offenses.

Even A Minor Violation Can Threaten Your Immigration Status. We Can Help Protect Your Future.

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