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May 2018 Archives

False allegations of domestic violence

Our law office knows that every domestic violence case is unique. The details may vary considerably from one case to the next and sometimes, people are falsely accused of domestic violence altogether. Furthermore, many cases involve certain details that have been exaggerated, which can have a significant impact on the outcome of the case. For someone who is facing domestic violence charges, a wide variety of consequences may lie ahead, from time behind bars to deportation and a shattered reputation. If you have been falsely accused of this offense, you should carefully go over your options because your future may be at stake.

How to stay safe if you are questioned about immigration

Immigration is complicated. Police and law enforcement can be intimidating, even when you have done nothing wrong. You have rights that you might not know about in The United States. These rights are important, they might save you from paying fines, jail or even deportation.

Meth arrests are on the rise in arizona

Even in small amounts, a methamphetamine charge in Arizona could come with gargantuan effects. Those caught with meth in the state could face a class four felony; repercussions could become more serious if an individual is in possession of the drug with intentions to distribute it. Despite these stiff penalties, reports show that meth arrests in Arizona are at an all-time high. 

Deportation and current u.s. policies

Today's political climate reflects a tense attitude toward immigration and deportation as a whole. While this topic can set the stage for a profound debate, many Americans forget that there are human lives severely affected by strict U.S. policies. For Arizona families who have experienced such scares of deportation, there can seem few places to turn in times of need. Recent changes in regulations have caused countless families to fear that their overall quality of life may soon change for the worse.

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