Compassionate Defense For Juveniles

Being convicted of a crime at a young age can have devastating and long-term effects on the accused young person.

If your child has been charged with a crime — underage alcohol possession, drug possession, vandalism, etc. — talk to a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Initial consultation: I am attorney Sebastian Sanchez, and I understand your concerns as a parent. I will do everything possible from a legal perspective to get your child back on track. Please complete this online contact form to reach my office in Yuma, Arizona.

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Defense Against All Juvenile Charges, Including:

Juveniles charged with certain serious crimes — including murder or rape — may be tried as adults. They may face significant prison sentences if convicted.

No matter what crime your child has been charged with, you should learn about the possible repercussions — and what defense options are available. It is important to contact me sooner than later so I can get involved as early in the case as possible — during the investigation, if possible.

As a criminal defense attorney for juveniles, I take these cases very seriously. I understand how drastically your child's life can change once he or she is charged with a crime. I will take prompt and aggressive steps now to help your child avoid a conviction.

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